I have successfully completed the first leg of my journey to Kathmandu, having arrived in Delhi last night. Despite it being well past midnight there was a significant queue – or rather scrum – for taxis. Our driver piled all our luggage into the front seat, because he was carrying gas bottles in the boot. Three of us then squeezed into the back seat. I had forgotten how noisy and busy cities in Asia can be and the way in which traffic seems to work without rules,  but miraculously without accidents. We arrived at our hosts’ home just in time to see Arsenal wrap up a 3-0 win in Sweden. Today’s task is to see as much of Delhi as is possible in a day before we go back to the airport early Saturday morning for the 4 hour flight to Imphal.

I have brought a few books with me. One that I’ve started and would recommend is The Art of Lent by Sister Wendy Beckett. Sister Wendy offers a painting and reflection for each day during Lent. It is proving an ideal basis for a brief daily devotional time.