It doesn’t seem long since I arrived back at Heathrow after five weeks in the USA and yet before the end of this month, I will be at Heathrow again, this time flying east to India. Five of us will be travelling to Haipi, Manipur, via Mumbai and Kolkata to visit Emmanuel School and share in the 60th Anniversary of Haipi Baptist Church, where I will be preaching. We will be away from 22nd October until 5th November and I’m sure that it will be a trip unlike any other that I have taken. This year will have been one of journeys to West and East and what links both the places that I will have visited is the significant place of Baptist churches in the lives of these communities. Kai and Muriel Kipgen will have travelled ahead of us and Kai will need to have obtained the relevant permits for us to enter what is a restricted part of India. Whilst in the hill village of Haipi, we will be sharing in the celebrations that will mark this Diamond Anniversary in a village where almost everyone is Baptist. I look forward to sharing what I’m sure will be some special experiences and bringing first hand news of the work of the school. Simon