We meet for a service of Christian worship on Sundays at 10.30am and again at 6.30pm.  All are welcome to join us.  If you are new to St Albans and looking for a church do check us out, we’d love to see you.  Or if you haven’t ‘done’ church for years, if at all, and are just intrigued what we all get up to on a Sunday, you would be very welcome too.

On this page we have tried to answer some of the questions people might have about what to expect, but if we have missed anything please do contact us.

What happens when I arrive?
You will be welcomed at the door, and a steward will offer you a hymnbook and/or a Bible.  In the morning service and many evening services the words for the songs are projected onto screens at the front of the church, but some people like to have a printed copy, so do take these if you wish.  Large print versions are also available.

What happens in the service?
Our services contain elements that are common to most Christian churches, including singing, prayers, readings, and a sermon.  We usually stand to sing and sit for the remainder of the service.

We sing a variety of hymns and songs, including the very modern as well as the traditional.  These are accompanied by organ, piano, or one of our two worship groups.

Baptists do not have a fixed liturgy, so our services include a variety of written and extempore prayers.  We will usually have one or two readings from the Bible, and then a talk of about 20 minutes to explore their relevance for us today.  This may be supported by Powerpoint slides, relevant music or video clips.

Overall the service lasts about an hour, or an hour and a quarter when Communion is included.

What is Communion?
On the first Sunday morning and third Sunday evening of the month our services include a celebration of The Lord’s Supper, often called Holy Communion.  This is an act of remembrance of a meal which Jesus shared with his disciples on the evening before his death.  As a recreation of this meal we share bread and (non-alcoholic) wine, and all those who love Jesus Christ and are seeking to follow him are invited to take part.  Those who do not wish to partake are welcome to stay, and just let the bread and wine pass by when offered.

Will I be expected to sing?
Our services include congregational hymns and songs, which you are invited to join in with.  But there is no requirement for anyone to sing if you would rather not.

What about my children?
Dagnall Street seeks to be inclusive of worshippers of all ages, and we value the role that children play within our community.

During our Sunday morning service there is a crèche for children aged 0-3.  This is located adjacent to the worship space, and you are welcome to leave your children there at the start of the service, or take them out when you feel they are ready.

Our Young Spectrum groups provide age-appropriate activities for children aged 4-12.

About three-quarters of the way through the service the children come and join the adults in the sanctuary.  Often they will explain what they have been learning in their groups, or there may be a short all-age talk.  This will be followed by age-appropriate songs or prayers, before we draw our worship together to a close.

Will I be asked for money?
As part of our services we take up a collection so that those who wish to support the work of the church are able to do so.  But please let the offering bag pass if you would rather not contribute.

What about after the service?
We hope that you will be able to stay around after the service to chat to those who have been sitting near you, or to join us in the café for tea and coffee.  However, if you need to get away quickly that is also fine.  If you are visiting us for the first time please do sign the visitors book in the entrance lobby.  If you have been particularly affected by the service and would like someone to pray with you, a small team is available to do so after the morning service.