Saturday 4th August

Since last writing, Catriona and I have moved further west, to Georgetown, Kentucky. Georgetown College is the oldest Baptist college west of the Allegheny Mountains and its links with Regent’s Park College over the course of the last 25 years have led to my getting to know a number of American ministers and academics. This area of central Kentucky is famous for its bourbon and for its horses.  The Queen and a number of Arab sheiks have visited the farms around Lexington where horses are bred for flat racing. We visited one such farm this morning and learned more about the nuts and bolts of horse breeding than we wanted or needed to know. I had assumed that mares were fertilised artificially, but apparently this is not the case, although flowers and a nice meal are not required.

I am having to work hard against confirmation bias with regard to my conversations about faith and politics as the majority of people – long-time friends – have been of a liberal political persuasion. I had a conversation this evening with a very charming elderly lady who must have noticed my disappointment when she told me that she is a registered Democrat and voted for Hillary Clinton. I am looking forward to my appointment with a Republican Roman Catholic on Monday and I expect great things from him.

There may be some good conversations to be had after church tomorrow … if people are still willing to talk to me.

Wildlife update:

Until this morning, this wasn’t looking very hopeful, but obviously at the farm there were a lot of horses of different ages from two month old foals to breeding stallions into their teens. On Thursday we went to the beach and there were dragon flies there that were no smaller than the humming birds we had seen the day before. On Friday I thought I saw some bison in a field, but it turned out that they were only cows,  but they must have been working out as their shoulders did look quite big.