While we meet for worship on 2nd January (morning only), we will celebrate the beginning of the New Year with communion and the Recommitment of Ourselves and our Deacons on 9th January. In the evening on that day, contemporary worship will be based around the theme of New Year, New Start? In 2012 Baptists will be celebrating the 400th anniversary of the first Baptist congregation in England. On January 23rd, in the first of our ‘theme’ services of the New Year, we ask the question, “Is it right to celebrate such a milestone in an Ecumenical Age?” Our last service of the month, at 4.00pm on 30th January, will be in the Cross Street Lounge, beginning with tea. In the first in an occasional series of Sunday Church Meetings I will be reflecting on my 2010 travels to West (Texas) and East (India) and looking at how we might be able to support further Emmanuel School in Haipi, Manipur.