Friday 4 U - April 15th Step aside into the Church here for 15 minutes of quiet thinking about Easter with poetry, prose, pictures and music. Each meditation starts on the hour at 11, 12 and 1 and is self-contained in itself, but with a developing theme over all three. Enjoy a complementary Easter biscuit and cordial in the cafe before or after each meditation. Forget Chocolate and Cheese; Give up Carbon for Lent Lent is the time when Christians and others traditionally give up such things as sweets and chocolate in recognition of the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert to prepare for his ministry. As a change, how about giving up carbon for Lent or at least reducing our carbon footprint. It could do us good and it would certainly do the planet good. Ideas for a Carbon Fast? We could make one journey fewer by car and travel by bus or even walk. We could reduce our energy consumption by switching off the central heating when the sun is out. We needn’t leave the phone charger plugged in. We could switch off lights when they are not needed. OK. Perhaps one chocolate as a reward! Easter and May Bank Holiday Closing Cross Street will close over the Easter weekend from 2pm on Thursday 21st April to 10am Tuesday 26th and close again at 2pm on Thursday 28th and re-open at 10am on Tuesday 3rd May. All of us at Cross Street wish you a very Happy Easter.