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Toddlers starts again!

by Simon

Toddlers will start up again on Wednesday 12th September at 9.45am. We look forward to seeing you all for the usual blend of fun, coffee, and mayhem!… Read more >

Letter from America IX

by Simon

Saturday 25th August, St Albans

Well, we made it home. After 17 US states in 27 days and 12 conversations/interviews about faith and politics, we arrived back on Wednesday morning. Since then I have been spending quite a bit of time arranging my mother’s funeral and starting to work on notifying friends, family and the various authorities. While I’ve been … Read more >

Letter from America VIII

by Simon

Sunday 19th August, Austin

And now the end is near and we must face the final curtain …

Perhaps that is a little over-dramatic, but in a couple of days time we will be on our way home. It has been good to see Dick and Laura Law and spend some time with them in their home in the Hill … Read more >

Letter from America VII

by Simon

Tuesday 14th August, New Orleans

Well, it took us two full days of driving to get from Wisconsin down to Louisiana, which was no great surprise when you look at a map. In contrast to the chain hotels and motels we’ve stayed in up to now, our accommodation in New Orleans is an early 19th century house that is run … Read more >

Letter from America VI

by Simon

Friday 10th August, Beloit, Wisconsin

In 1964, New York’s World’s Fair was held in  Flushing Meadow. A number of the American states exhibited, but it is only Wisconsin’s display that is now remembered by a friend with whom Catriona and I had dinner on Tuesday evening before we left Kentucky. What Barry remembered was the so-called ‘world’s biggest cheese’, which … Read more >

Letter from America V

by Simon

Tuesday 7th August, Lexington, Kentucky

The service at Faith Baptist Church on Sunday was mercifully uneventful. My attempt at a joke making a comparison between Meghan Markle and Donald Trump as both having made their name in TV shows before coming to the centre of power, went down OK. Well, no one walked out.

We had a most interesting day … Read more >

Letter from America IV

by Simon

Saturday 4th August

Since last writing, Catriona and I have moved further west, to Georgetown, Kentucky. Georgetown College is the oldest Baptist college west of the Allegheny Mountains and its links with Regent’s Park College over the course of the last 25 years have led to my getting to know a number of American ministers and academics. This area of … Read more >

Letter from America III

by Simon

Thursday 2nd August

We left the Big Apple behind us on Tuesday morning and headed south to, well, The South. We took the main east coast interstate that skirted Baltimore and Washington DC to arrive in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond was the capital of the Confederate States in the Civil War and those dark times still have an impact today. Monument … Read more >