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A Good Samaritan - or just a decent bloke?

by Simon

2,000 years after Jesus first coined the expressions, we still speak of turning the other cheek and going the extra mile. So, does this mean that we taken onboard this teaching of Jesus?
I don’t think that it does, because the problem with these expressions having become proverbial is that they have also been watered down.
David Beckham was in … Read more >

Women’s World Day of Prayer 4th March 2011

by Simon

'How many loaves have you?'   Join with the women of Chile, who wrote this year's service, on the day when women around the world offer prayer and praise to God, as sisters in Christ. All: men and women, older and younger people, are welcome to come to these services in the St Albans area -   10.30 am   St … Read more >

The Way

by Simon

I recently attended a preview showing of a film that comes out in a few months time. The film is called The Way and it stars Martin Sheen and his son Emilio Estevez, who was also the director. Martin Sheen plays Tom Avery, a Californian ophthalmologist, whose son, Daniel, from whom he has become estranged, has gone off to travel … Read more >

Men’s Curry Night

by Simon

7.30pm 4th March at St Alban's Tandoori, St Peter's Street. Tim Woodall will be speaking about his work with For non-curry-eaters, other food is available, or come at 8.30 to hear Tim. Should be good - Bring a friend.… Read more >