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The Cross Street Centre Café

by Simon

As the chill of Autumn has arrived we welcome you into the warm atmosphere and good food which the Cross Street Café provides. Try one of our warming soups with a roll and butter or one of our delicious jacket potatoes with a choice of filling. If a cup of coffee or tea with cake or a scone is your … Read more >

October 2010

by Simon

It is a generally held belief that the news media is not overly interested in good news. One wouldn’t think so from the way in which the rescue of 33 Chilean miners has been covered. Few people would have associated Chile with mining until the accident on August 5th, but Chile is the world’s single biggest single producer of mined … Read more >

Sabbatical Trip … Part II

by Simon

It doesn’t seem long since I arrived back at Heathrow after five weeks in the USA and yet before the end of this month, I will be at Heathrow again, this time flying east to India. Five of us will be travelling to Haipi, Manipur, via Mumbai and Kolkata to visit Emmanuel School and share in the 60th Anniversary of Haipi … Read more >