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Postcard from Kentucky

by Simon

Hey, y’all. I’m no longer in Texas having moved on to Lexington, Kentucky at the beginning of the week. I said a fond farewell to my friends in Fort Worth and to my (very) temporary flock at Handley and made the 130 minute flight east across a few states and one time zone. Yesterday I went to a funeral. This … Read more >

Postcard from Fort Worth IV

by Simon

Hola! More of which later. It was George Bernard Shaw who once said that Britain and America are two nations, ‘separated by a common language’. Of course, each country believes that it speaks more correctly, but I suspect that English people do so in a more patronising fashion – and that’s patronising, not PAY-tronising, by the way. I was reminded … Read more >

Postcard from Fort Worth III

by Simon

Howdy Partners! I’m writing this week’s postcard from Abilene, Texas. It’s about 150 miles west of Fort Worth, where the American West is said to begin, but people say that it really begins at Abilene. It is a little flatter here and if I were to go further west, the landscape would be more like the dusty, tumbrel-blowing-through-the street picture … Read more >

Postcard from Fort Worth II

by Simon

Hi y’all! As you can tell, I’m beginning to feel at home now. I preached at Handley Baptist Church on Sunday morning and at the midweek meeting there on Wednesday, so I feel like I’ve got to work. I’ve visited the Historic Stockyards – where the Texas Longhorn cattle were shipped north – and seen ‘real’ cowboys riding down the … Read more >

Postcard from Fort Worth

by Simon

Arrived safely on Monday evening and got to bed at 10.30pm – 4.30am St Albans time. Seem to have spent the rest of the week waking up slightly less early each morning. It’s now Saturday morning and I feel like I’ve adjusted to the 6 hour difference. I’ve visited the church at Handley where I’ll be doing the majority of … Read more >

July 2010

by Simon

By the time that you read this (unless for some mysterious reason you have dredged up this article on Google, in which case I might be back, or depending how far in the future you are, retired) I will be away from St Albans on a mini-Sabbatical break in Texas. During most of July I will be preaching at a … Read more >