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True Blood

by Simon

Channel 4 has been showing the first series of the American HBO network’s True Blood. The series tells a Southern Gothic story that is set in the fictitious Louisiana town of Bon Temps. It imagines a world in which vampires exist and that they have ‘come out of the closet’. The reason for this new development is that a Japanese … Read more >

Twenty Year Journey Begins

by Simon

The official opening of the Cross Street Centre on 9 September 1989 followed a long period of thinking about the future work of the church. An overwhelming feeling shared by the members was that we needed to make the most of our special position close to the city centre. We also wanted a building that was light, inviting.and accessible to … Read more >

Funny People

by Simon

A question: Which of these three films would you be least likely to watch on a cinema outing arranged by your pastor: a) one involving graphically portrayed violence and systematic torture, b) one that includes magic, the massacre of an army and racism or c) one that presents marriage as the best way for men and women to enjoy a … Read more >

Cross Street’s 20th Anniversary

by Simon

Everything seems to change so rapidly nowadays that one might expect to look back at the world 20 years ago and find it to be very different. The reality is that many of the names and situations that we hear in the news today would have been familiar to us in 1989.

For example, just as was the case at … Read more >

Another little flower?

by Simon

Michael Jackson’s death last month was a shock, in that he had not been ill and he was, at 50, still a relatively young man. And yet, in another way, Jackson’s death was not a shock as people in the popular music industry seem to have a different life span from members of the public whom, ironically it seems, we … Read more >


by Simon

A new series of House starts this month. Sadly, those of us without access to subscription TV, will have to wait until one of the free-to-air channels picks it up as Sky have bought the rights to this very popular hospital drama. House stars Hugh Laurie as a deeply flawed, but brilliant doctor working in an American teaching hospital. The … Read more >

Beam me up, Scotty

by Simon

I had an uncle that worked at what is now the Thames television studios in Teddington. Magpie, ITV’s rival to Blue Peter, made the studios famous in those days and, as a young lad, it was exciting to hear stories of Uncle Reg chatting to Benny Hill and Tommy Cooper. Probably by dint of his job, Uncle Reg was the … Read more >