Tuesday 7th August, Lexington, Kentucky

The service at Faith Baptist Church on Sunday was mercifully uneventful. My attempt at a joke making a comparison between Meghan Markle and Donald Trump as both having made their name in TV shows before coming to the centre of power, went down OK. Well, no one walked out.

We had a most interesting day yesterday. I spent an hour or so with a friend of a friend who is a very committed political conservative. His wife, in contrast, is far more liberal and didn’t have a good word to say about the President. I have a recording I made which I need to listen to again as some of the best bits may have been muffled by the snuffling of their cute little Yorkie who seemed interested in my phone.

In the afternoon we came off the beaten track to visit the small community of Bald Knob – stop sniggering at the back. The nephew of our hosts runs a gas station and general store. He sells everything including the deer pelts he had hanging on a nail. There was also a deer head on the wall and a bobcat that had been stuffed and posed by the local taxidermist. The clientele that came through the shop while we were there were all very friendly although a little different looking and sounding from the customers at the Quadrant.

We will be leaving Kentucky tomorrow morning and heading north to a small town on the border between Illinois and Wisconsin to visit one of the first students who came to our church in Oxford.

The wildlife update is a little disappointing today as the Yorkie was the only live creature seen alongside the very dead deer and bobcat. There was however quite a bit of chat about problems people are having with raccoons breaking into homes. Apparently they’re rather nasty little critters and some have been behaving extremely oddly as this clip from Fox News explains. Disclaimer: I bear no responsibility if you become addicted to watching Fox News.