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Telling Our Story – a Short Course in Telling & Writing Stories

by Simon

As part of a potential series of activities relevant to our fellowship, we are running a four-week story-telling course in September.  Whilst we think that this course is ideally suited for older people, it is open to anyone interested in learning how to tell your story.  No previous writing experience is necessary.

The course will comprise four sessions, each of … Read more >

The times they are a-changin’

by Simon

Life is often uncertain when we are in the middle of it. History is generally easier to analyse than the present. In a few years time we will have some feel about whether the ‘Leavers’ or the ‘Remainers’ were scaremongering or offering sensible warnings.

Christian people believe that God guides us through our lives. However, many of us recognise that … Read more >

The Hokey-Cokey Election

by Simon

Like me you have probably had various leaflets through your door about the forthcoming referendum about the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union. The voting form has the feel of an instruction manual for the hokey-cokey – it’s in or out – but with no mention of ‘shake it all about’. Although, perhaps, shaken will be what David Cameron … Read more >

Bells and Smells and Mary Magdalene

by Simon

A number of years ago, I attended the patronal festival at the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Oxford. It was a memorable occasion not least for the way that this Anglo-Catholic church encouraged the use of all the senses in worship. There were candle lights and the usual ‘bells and smells’. However, the aisles of the church were also … Read more >

Adventure without risk is Disneyland

by Simon

Owing to my wife's working in a  school, she and I still take our annual holiday during August. All through June and July she gets fed up with me saying, "In two months time, we'll be in …." I have always found that anticipation is a significant part of the pleasure of the annual holiday. We tend to take a … Read more >

IS and Cinderella

by Simon

Many of the young people that are known to have joined IS in Syria have been children and young adults still at school. The most famous case is of the four young women aged 15 and 16 who flew to Turkey and who were then spirited across the border into Syria where they are thought to have joined up with … Read more >

Christmas in Song TItles

by Simon

On Christmas Day we heard the Christmas story told using song titles. There were in excess of 86 different song titles used. You might be interested to see if you can spot them:

Fairly obviously, the Christmas story is told in the carols we sing at Christmas time. I wondered whether the story might also be able to be told … Read more >

Synaesthesia and the Gospel

by Simon

The St Albans Cathedral Flower Festival took place at the end of September The theme was ‘Music in Bloom’ and it occurred to me that it is quite a difficult thing to represent one thing via a medium that is completely different. While music requires the ability to sense sound, flower arranging is a creative art that relies on the … Read more >

Wisdom is proved right by her deeds

by Simon

By the time you read this, the World Cup may well be long over – the Germans having beaten someone on penalties. Most of us will have forgotten about tennis for another year and the Football League season could have been running for several weeks. However, even if all those things have happened, Luis Suarez will still be suspended from … Read more >

God loves dinosaurs

by Simon

When I was a boy a lot of friends used to like going to the Science Museum in London because there were things you could do. There were knobs you could press and wheels you could turn that made things happen. There were machines, there were trains, there were even rockets that went up into space. Me, I was less … Read more >